Kemei KM-609 Dry Hair Trimmer For Men, Grey

  • Brand: Kemei
  • Model Number: km-609
  • Targeted Group: Men
  • Number of Heads: 6


The Kemei KM-609 Hair Trimmer Clipper is a unisex hair trimming device for both men and women. It is available with multiple heads for various types of shaving and trimming that will give you a smooth and perfect hair clipping and hair trimming. The various types of heads will give various trimming and clipping. The device comes with chargeable batteries and a charger with a hair trimmer. It is available on Snapdeal.


1 mm Precision

The sharp hair trimmer is made up with the steel blades that give you an exact precision so that you get a perfectly smooth shave. You can adjust the length of the head in order to adjust the length of the hair you are to trim.

Easy Grip

The Kemei KM-609 Hair Trimmer Clipper is available with a smooth grip to hold it. You can use the trimmer for a longer time without getting any ache in your hand. Holding with the grip, you can move the trimmer smoothly over your face.

Easy to Select and Lock-In Length

There are multiple heads available with this professional hair trimmer. You can select the proper head and can fix the length of the hairs to be trimmed. After selecting the proper head and fixing the length you can lock in the head so that you get a hassle-free shave and trimming.


Detachable Head for Easy Cleaning

The Kemei KM-609 Hair Trimmer Clipper comes along with the detachable heads. While you shave or trim your hairs, the small hairs get stuck in your machine. To clean the hair, trimmer you need to remove the head for easy and comfortable cleaning of your device.


Other Important Features

This Kemei KM-609 Hair Trimmer Clipper is available with the auto overload off functionality. If there are any fluctuations in the voltage, then the trimmer will get auto turned off, to protect it from getting damaged. This stylish hair trimmer is available with the cool outer design. The sleek and small design makes it a very comfortable hair trimmer to use it and also carry it along with you, anywhere you go.

As it is a unisex hair trimmer it is available with various heads, making it suitable for both men and women for hair clipping as well as hair trimming. The stainless steel blades will give a smooth and a proper shave.

The manufacturer gives a one year warranty on the product which ensures that you product will work in a good condition. The materials used for manufacturing the device, the cord, and the heads is of good quality that gives it a good strength in order to protect it from the day to day wear and tear.

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